MEE 2018

The 43nd Middle East Electricity (MEE) Exhibition was held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center from 6th March, 2018 to 8th March. Every year MEE brings the most advanced international companies to present their newest technologies to the key decision makers of Electricity Industry Reallin sent out most knowledgeable experts to attend this EXPO and demonstrated the latest global innovations, solutions, and achievements in this business.

There were about 150 groups of customer visited our booth, and most of them were from UAE, Kuwait and Pakistan who have interests with our smart meters and LoRa systems. Also some clients were from Africa such as Ethiopia, Nigeria they spoke highly of our prepay meters and systems.


2017 Holland         

The 19th annual European utility week was held in Amsterdam, Netherland, from October 3rd till October 5th, 2017.

EUW covers a variety of topics regarding energy industries Like Smart Meters, Smart Grids, Data Management, Smart Homes, AMR & AMI and Communication & IT.

We visit our customers in the European, and keep doing our best to build and maintain a strong and deep communication with our customers and partners. 

Especially with the rapid increase of the participating of the domestic enterprises in the overseas market, we are committed to provide our customers around the world with the most valuable products and services, as well as comprehensive technical support. 


2016 Spain

The 18th annual European utility week was held in Barcelona, Spain, from November 15th till November 17th, 2016.

European Utility Week is the annual landmark event of the European energy calendar bringing together all significant market forces and stakeholders.

The importance of demand response cannot be underestimated; we simply cannot facilitate the rise of renewable onto the grid without it. Demand response allows us to transit cleaner and more efficient global energy consumption, and truly make an impact for the future.


2015 Austria

Reallin take part in European Utility Week 2015 (EUW2015), in Vienna, Austria, on November 3-5th 2015!  It’s the largest smart energy show in Europe. European Utility Week is the best place to catch up with your peers, meet new people and do business. Key European stakeholders from all levels will be discussing Europe Smart Energy Future.

We visit and communicate with our customers and parterres changing our opinions and ideas; it was a great honor and opportunity to offer our product and services to all.


2014 Amsterdam

European Utility Week 2014 was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 4th. View the latest technologies, solutions and industry developments showcased bringing a fresh view on how to tackle the challenges the utilities are facing.

We learned that several demand response aggregators have tried to target the residential sector, but have moved towards focusing on commercial loads instead. We believe that by targeting individuals and giving them the direct opportunity to contribute to a low-carbon future from the comfort of their own home, they can become active players in a market they knew little about.