Single-phase remote-controlled smart meter panel and LCD display instructions
- May 20, 2018 -

Below the LCD screen, there are pulse indicator, trip indicator, and infrared indicator from left to right.

1. Pulse indicator: Used to indicate the user's electrical power status. The greater the power load power, the faster the indicator's flashing frequency, and vice versa. When the user does not use electricity, it does not shine. After power recovery, the light continues to flash with the size of the load power.

2. Trip LED: The trip LED is always on to indicate that the meter is in a pull-out state; it is off when it is closed.

3. The oval infrared represents the infrared communication interface.

4. The error information code of the abnormal energy meter is as follows:

(1) Err-01 control loop error;

(2). Err-02 ESAM error;

(3). Err-04 low clock battery voltage;

(4). Err-08 clock failure;

(5). Err-10 certification error;

(6). Err-16 modification key error;

(7) Err-56 Active energy direction change.

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